What Goes Around, Comes Around – Separated During The Lockdown

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I was not just brokenhearted last February. My whole being was devastated due to the fact that my husband of twelve years left me for a younger woman. There were issues of COVID-19 at that time when I heard him talking to her over the phone. “I will be with you, and yes. I will divorce her. I will tell her about it tonight.” I did not make tonight happen, for I walked out of that house, a house that was supposed to be a home for us. We dreamed together that we would grow old there, but then, he was divorcing me. How could he do that?

After he left, I packed my bags and went to my sister’s in Florida. I didn’t want the house. I didn’t want anything in that house. It would be a reminder of him, and I didn’t want to see anything of him. I just took two luggage bags, two boxes of personal stuff, and two pillows that I really loved. That’s it. I got in my car, said my peace to that house, and turned my engine.

I knew he was having an affair. My friends told me that they saw him and this extremely young blonde woman flirting and kissing in a high-end bar while he was supposed to be on a business trip. How could he do this to me? To us? Was I a bad wife? Was I boring? Was I not enough for him? I drove with tears in my eyes, but I never looked back. I promised myself that I would never hold on to that lie of a life.

Of course, he discovered I was gone after 24 hours. That means he was out all night partying with this teenager and didn’t even think of me. Could he not understand that China had this COVID-19 thing going? And he was out partying as if he was invincible.

Source: pexels.com

My sister screened the calls, and I blocked him too. I could not receive a message, an email, or a call. I even thought of changing my number so that he would stop calling. He also had the nerve to ask my sister why I left. She said that he was angry. That goat! How could he do that? I just told my sister to say to him that he has to speed up on the divorce and that I know what was going on. After five days of constantly badgering my sister, I left him that message, and then he stopped.

It was March, and everything was on lockdown because of the pandemic. I took leave from work because I could not concentrate. Money was tight, but my sister had my back. I was her “boarder” for a month before I started to get back on my feet.

New town with pandemic and all, it was not easy. Good thing, my work can be done online with this freelance consultancy, and so I could pitch in. A month after his last communication with me, his mother called. She was crying and told me that my ex had symptoms of COVID-19. The old woman was taking care of him. And that got me wondering – where is the younger woman? His mom said that she left him upon learning that he could be a COVID-19 carrier. She even asked me if I can come “home” and take care of his son since she cannot do it. The old woman was seventy-five years old. It would be risky for her to do it.

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What was my decision? I am not a martyr, but yes, I went back for the sake of that old woman. I cannot, in my good conscience, let anything happen to her. She has been a perfect mother in law to me, and I think I owe her that much. The old woman funded half my college tuition, and I would not be a consultant now if it wasn’t for her half.

He was quarantined for three weeks, just at home, because he had symptoms. Of course, he was tested, and yes, it was positive. I worked from home, barely saw him, and just put food and water by the door three times a day. He would attempt to talk to me about us, but I just wasn’t interested. At times, I would hear him cough so bad and whimper. It must be really painful. Oh well, what goes around, comes around, I believe.

He got better, and when the virus was gone from his system, I was out of that house once again. What I gained now is money because I demanded half of that house and of his assets. His mother was there when I asked it of him, and she didn’t even blink when she said, “Stupid you, Hansel. Now give your wife what is hers!” He just signed the divorce papers and gave me my right.