Understanding The Importance Of Couples Therapy

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Regardless of how perfect marriage is, there will always come a time when the couple will be tested by the circumstances. No matter how much effort they make to continue loving each other, they could still end up getting a divorce. This only shows that sometimes love is not the only thing that you need to make a marital union works.

“An emotionally fulfilling couple relationship is very much within reach, yet involves the willingness of both to stretch, and get to know and see, love and value both self and the other as unique beings, learning one another’s love language so to speak, as a basis for promoting a sense of safety and mutual understanding,” says Athena Staik, Ph.D.

Fortunately, many people have already learned the significance of couples therapy. Nowadays, two spouses can easily find a professional to help them improve their relationship with each other.

Here are the top benefits:


Improves Communication


An essential ingredient of a happy marriage is open communication. Without this, the relationship is bound to fail. The assistance of a therapist can help in improving the communication lines between husband and wife. Each session of relationship counseling is designed to help the parties to start listening to what they have to say. At the same time, it also inspires or motivates the spouses to explore other avenues on how they could begin to talk about bottled up emotions.


Renews Connection


Intimacy is another factor that makes up a successful marriage. Both spouses must always be given an opportunity to express how much they love each other. An excellent way to do this is for them to see a relationship counselor. Talking to a therapist can help the husband and wife to renew their connection. They will be reminded of why they have decided to marry in the first place.


Revisits Commitment


Some married couples end up getting a divorce without even giving it a second look. These are the kinds of people who easily give up. They are the ones who have forgotten about the commitment they made with each other during the wedding day. Talking to a couple’s therapist can help a lot in reminding the couple what they promised a long time ago. An excellent mental health professional knows exactly what to do to help the clients revisit their marital commitments.

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Addresses Problems

“Therapy is about the fine art of asking directive questions,” says Dennis O’Grady, PsyD.

No marriage in this world is perfect. Every relationship has certain challenges and struggles. It is up to the persons involved if they still want to continue making the relationship work. To succeed in this aspect, it is essential for the two married persons to start addressing their issues, concerns, and problems. A great therapist can inspire the couple involved to discuss what is causing turmoil in the relationship.

“Therapy is a self-directed act. Having the honesty and fortitude to admit that there is a problem — to recognize that your relationship is suffering — is something to commend yourself for, especially when so many people live in constant denial of their problems,” says Harriet Pappenheim, LCSW.

Are you having some serious problems in the marriage? Do you find it difficult to get your husband’s attention? Is your partner’s attitude making you feel sorry about everything in the marital union? If you answer yes, then it is time to look for a therapist who could help you deal with the relationship. Ask your partner if he would be interested or willing to participate in relationship counseling or couples therapy. Be sure to talk to him about it first so that he will not feel betrayed. Most importantly, avoid forcing him to do things that he does not want.