Therapy 101: Ways To Go Through Midlife Crisis Peacefully


If you send out a poll to the masses regarding the age group they want to be a part of forever, many people might choose early childhood. That is when life feels so simple, after all. If you’re hungry, you can ask your mommy or daddy to feed you. It is not a problem either if you play all day every day since you don’t have responsibilities.

What a lot of individuals dread, however, is adulthood. You can no longer entrust your financial needs to anyone; otherwise, you might find yourself homeless and full of debt. Various illnesses may be bothering you as well, e.g., arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, et cetera.

Nevertheless, what seems scarier than all of that is a midlife crisis. You may have seen friends transform into a completely unrecognizable persona after hitting a certain age. The once-thrifty woman started spending on material things to fit in with the new generation, for instance. A widow or widower who vowed never to remarry may be a regular at bars or on Tinder too, hoping to meet a partner.

Something you should keep in mind is that midlife crisis is almost as inevitable as the leaves falling from trees during autumn. There’s a huge possibility that you’ll go through it, especially if your duties lessen and you have more time to spare. “Not all mid-life crisis’ need to end in disaster, some are actually for the better and can motivate a person to live up to their full potential.”Christine Hammond, MS, LMHC

Despite that, therapy experts say that it’s also probable to overcome this issue peacefully when you know not to:


  1. Have Extramarital Affairs

Cheating on your spouse to feel good about yourself is an absolute no-no, regardless of what stage of life you are in at this time. In case you are uncertain of your love for your better half, you can speak about it with him or her first. If there’s no way to resolve your issues, you may file for divorce, and then find someone new. Don’t try to do this process in reverse because karma has its wicked way of catching up with you.

  1. Drop Your Job Instantly

Considering you think as if you should be doing other things instead of staying stuck in the office, kindly refrain from handing in your resignation letter immediately. For one, you may merely be overthinking, and that is playing tricks with your head. You might also be able to branch out towards a different path without cutting yourself off from the old, stable one.

If the former proves to be fruitful, then you can leave your job without regrets. If it doesn’t, however, then at least you have the latter to keep until you decide to try something else.

  1. Pester Your Family Doctor Over Small Things

Another sign that you are experiencing midlife crisis is that you assume that a simple sneeze or a cough is a symptom of a severe health condition. You don’t wait for 24 hours before calling your physician. Even if he or she says you still require monitoring before getting prescription, you might bug him or her every two hours to give you medicine.

Want sound advice? Don’t ever do that. Not only will this behavior annoy the doctor, but you are also consuming the time that he or she should spend treating patients with real illnesses. So calm down for a while and see after a day or two whether you still need medical assistance or not.

  1. Pressure Your Children To Do This Or That

One issue when you have lots of clutter in your brain is that your parenting skills may become faulty. Instead of practicing maximum tolerance around the kids, your fuse might blow up even if they toe the line ever so slightly. You might enroll them as well in extracurricular classes, irrespective of how many times they said they couldn’t handle any more activity.

Although there’s no doubt that you want your children to excel in different fields, you should not push them to do this or that. The sole person who’s happy about that is you, frankly speaking. You can make suggestions, but you need to let your kids pick the activities they will try. This way, you will have a more harmonious life at home, and your worries might subside eventually.


“With men at midlife, a similar balance between restraint/limits and exploration is needed as issues of freedom, autonomy, and self-definition from adolescence are reworked. Mastery and opportunity come from self-exploration, not outward rebellion. The key is recognizing that the protest is an internal conflict over constraints and self-perceptions internalized in the past, creating an internal divide.”Lynn Margolies, Ph.D.

Midlife crisis is a problem that every individual past the age of 40 can experience. Your previous sources of happiness may suddenly seem dull to you during this phase. To say that it can turn your life upside down is a total understatement.

However, the question is, will you let it happen? “I would go so far as to call it a midlife opportunity,” says Marsha Sinetar, Ph.D.“It’s time to look at questions like, Who am I? What do I believe? What do I really need? Those are issues worth examining. This means taking yourself seriously, perhaps for the first time.”

In case you wish to live peacefully even when you are going through a midlife crisis, you should get online therapy from BetterHelp today.