Suits (Series): A Story Of A College Dropout

[You Can Be Great If You Choose To]


Suits is an American television series which tells a story about Mike Ross, a college dropout who has a photographic memory or eidetic memory. He can extraordinarily recall everything he reads in a book, even if he had just read it for the first time. His skill was promising and made him aspire for greatness. Unfortunately, his best friend, Trevor, sold a test to a fellow student who happened to be the dean’s daughter. Mike took the blame and lost his scholarship and got kicked out of college. To make up for literally ruining Mike’s life, Trevor rented an apartment for Mike, but it doesn’t make any difference. Mike’s life turned messy as he got involved with Trevor’s illegal activities involving illegal drugs. He also was taking the bar exam for students who were not confident to pass.

Call it an opportunity that knocked on Mike’s door one day when he was trying to run from the police. Trevor asked him to deliver drugs to a hotel room, but he didn’t know that it was a setup. Mike, being so smart, noticed it when he was trying to look for the hotel room. As he was trying to escape, he came to the place where an interview exclusively for Harvard graduates for the top law firm in New York City was being held. The secretary (Donna) was calling an interviewee who coincidentally was not present, and Mike was there. Donna, thinking he was the interviewee, insisted he come inside. Mike thought it was an opportunity for him to lose the police, so he went inside and did the interview.

In the room was Harvey Specter (the top lawyer in NYC who graduated from Harvard). He did the interview and was impressed by Mike. Because he has been studying for the bar exam and passing it several times, his photographic memory helped him recall all the answers to Harvey’s questions, and that paved the way to his new adventure as a lawyer (not legally, of course).

The story of Mike Ross is exceptional as it tells a story of second chances for someone who deserves it. However, no matter how worthy and sympathetic Mike is, questions still arise whether a decent person who was knocked off on a different path has the right to tell a lie to take his life back.

Sometimes, the choices we make, no matter how we thought are insignificant will make a significant impact on our lives and will close many doors limiting our options to things that will bring us to a life we do not like.

“With the right mindset, it may be possible to handle challenges better and pursue success without getting down on yourself,” says Catherine Moore, Psychologist, MBA.


How Do We Go About This? How Do We Turn Our Lives Around?


  1. Never Disconnect From The Truth. In our world nowadays where we are bound to rules, the only way to come out peacefully is to follow them. It teaches us the importance of process and how it is crucial to achieving success.


  1. Never Give Up On Your Dreams. Life gave you what you need, and it’s all up to you if you’re going to use it or waste it. Life waits for no one. Sometimes, it opens doors for great opportunities, but you still have to make the most out of the time you have and the things you were given. “In other words, your willingness to take risks may vary across different areas of your life, but it will always be affected by the underlying general factor of risk preference,” said Dr. Renato Frey.


  1. Never Do Bad Things Just Because You Have A RoughYour mistakes don’t define you, but they undoubtedly shape your existence. Being in a distressing situation doesn’t give you the right to make bad things, as they will make your life worse.


We determine who and what we are, and it’s all a series of making insignificant choices. If you are experiencing personal difficulty, remember that there’s only one way you should go to, and that is to break free and aim for success, nothing less. Always dream for the best and choose to pursue it. Challenges are just distractions that hinder you from seeing what’s waiting for you if you only get the courage and shape your mind to achieve greatness. According to Amy Morin, LCSW, “Sometimes, it’s important to step back and examine what type of accommodations you make to avoid anxiety or to consider how anxiety interferes with your everyday life.”