Saving Long-Distance Relationships Through Online Marriage Counseling

The number of long distance marriages is constantly increasing nowadays wherein mostly are due to work purposes. Some see their spouses on a weekly or monthly basis, but others take a year or more to reunite with their partners. This setup might be complicated for couples. However, with a little bit more effort and patience from both parties, it can work.


There are circumstances, however, that no matter how much couples try to make their long-distance relationship work, it just cannot be done. This is when online marriage counseling can come into the picture.

With the help of technology, online marriage therapy offers consultation and treatment via Skype, email, or phone. Technology allows people, wherever they are, to avail the services of a therapist.

“Couples therapy can help couples improve their relationship in many ways. For instance, it helps couples resolve conflict, learn how to communicate effectively, better understand each other, enhance their emotional connection and strengthen their bond,” according to Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

Some may be hesitant to try this new approach. That is why we will give four reasons why online marriage counseling can save a crumbling long distance relationship.


Larger Therapist Selection Pool

With a larger pool to select from, it would be easier for long-distance couples to choose the therapist that will best fit their situation. Finding the most therapeutic fit is essential. Study after study has proven that progress is faster when these couples are paired up with therapists they trust and are comfortable with.


At the same time, no therapist is an expert on all issues. With the help of online marriage therapy, it would be easier to find therapists who specialize in your area of concern.


Time-Saving And Cost-Effective

Couples in a long distance marriage usually experience difficulty in finding a common time to meet up with therapists because of physical limitations. There are instances when the couples’ free time might not jive with the therapists’ schedule. Sometimes, they also opt to spend their reunion time with their families instead of sitting in a therapist’s office. Others simply do not have the time and resources to travel and get these kinds of services.


Online marriage counseling answers all of these problems. Spouses don’t need to wait anymore for the weekly or monthly visits of their partners to set up an appointment with therapists. Whether they are in a coffee break or just on a rest day at home, couples can now consult with therapists wherever they are and whenever they find the most convenient. This way, they are not only able to save their time, but also their money as well.


More Reachable Therapists

Online therapists are more accessible to contact if the need arises. Through an online therapy site, therapists need to attend to all therapy-related concerns as soon as possible. Hence, it eliminates the worry of accessibility regarding reaching to a therapist in time of emergencies.


Also, this method also offers services outside the usual Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm office hours. Thus, if you are only available after your work, just sending a quick message to your online therapist for consultation will save you the hassle.

Just remember: “If you’re looking for online therapy, look for the new Credential Check badge,” says John M. Grohol, Psy.D

Avoidance Of Dual Relationships

Dual relationships refer to therapists who extend their relationships outside of therapy sessions. These kinds of situations provide biases. Some advice of a therapist may be based on the personal relationship established within the inner circle of the couple or the clients themselves. With the help of online marriage therapies, these problems can be avoided, and objectivity can be established.


With all that in mind, online marriage counseling can be an added help in saving long distance relationships. If you’re still not convinced of the stated reasons, you can check out this article for the other benefits of online couple counseling:


Lastly, relying on this approach is not enough. Couples should also give extra effort in making their relationships work through love, respect, and mutual trust. Because in the end, it is always your choice whether your relationship is going to work out or not.

“It’s impossible to receive help when you are closed off to it, and when you yourself have misgivings about the process. Therapy is most fruitful when one has an open mind and lets the course of healing unfold. To do so, overcoming the stigma is essential,” says Harriet Pappenheim, LCSW.