How I Raised My Child Alone

Attending the 2017 single parenthood summit is the best thing that ever happened to me. Because after all those years of trying to figure out my situation, the event became a blessing. Honestly, being a single parent is quite hard. You get judged, criticized, blamed, and hated by almost everyone. It is as if your decision becomes someone else’s misery. Well, I can’t blame them because that is how society blinds itself from the truth. So instead of focusing on the negativities, I managed to incorporate strategies on raising my child alone.


I Removed Guilt – My decision to have a child is not someone else’s problem. It is my choice, and I know I have to deal with that. Removing the guilt that everybody tries to input in me is the best thing that I did. I realized that for me to be able to start with my life, I must practice the art of minding my own business.

I Set Limits – Raising a child alone requires double the effort. Honestly, you can never do both. The whole process is exhausting, and sometimes it makes you want to quit. However, setting up a limit on things that you can and can’t do manages everything. You need to understand the difference between responsibility and priority before you make a move.

Stay Positive – Yes, in certain situations, you can never stick to positivity. Life can be a mess, and sometimes it drags you to the pit. However, when you think about your child, and how life would be for your kid, things change. You begin to realize that the grass is always greener on the other side.


Always Show Love – There is nothing more precious in this world than your kid. Giving everything is not enough if you cannot love unconditionally. Yes, single-parenting can drive you crazy. But the whole effort and sacrifices are everything that makes the struggle worth it.