Daily Dose Of Faith: Self-Faith Is The Key To Success

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We have about 4200 religions all over the world, and each one believes in higher power. It may be challenging for some to understand the word faith. Does it fit to be an emotion, feeling, identity, individuality, or is it just an illusion? All these four thousands of religions have a core belief where they anchor their existence.

For some, the word faith is sacred as depicting the belief in something divine, while for some, it is the pure belief in oneself. Nowadays, science has unearthed many mysteries revolving life, time, space, and all there is. It somehow has questioned “faith,” but then there seemed to be one faith that remains unquestionable and that is our faith in ourselves.

Self-faith, self-belief, self-confidence, or self-esteem. These words are all pointing to one certainty – SUCCESS! Why do we need to believe in ourselves to achieve our goals? How does it pave our way to overcoming our personal issues that hinder our progress?

“Success is knowing I’m in alignment with my personal integrity no matter the external appearance.”Jennifer Davidson, Reality Check Coaching LLC

Source: pixabay.com

How Does Daily Dose Of Of Faith Help Us Succeed In Life?

  1. Self-Faith Gives Us Self-Awareness

It is like establishing our base. We need to know our strengths and weaknesses to deal with the challenges successfully. Without self-awareness, it is like blindly fighting in a battle. You are unsure what to you can use to defeat the enemies, and at the same time, you are unaware of what could be your downfall. Psychologist Ryan Howes, Ph.D, defines self-care as “the surprisingly difficult—for many of us—process of stepping aside from the busyness of life, evaluating how we’re doing emotionally, physically, and mentally, and then taking steps to meet any unmet needs.”

  1. Self-Faith Helps In Overcoming Fears

We all have fears which make us vulnerable. They say that creating the perfect soldier is to train him not to be afraid of anything so that he will have no distractions or hesitations, and he will only have an eye on the goal. Teaching ourselves to have faith that we are able is the one way of making something possible. It is like removing something in our head and replacing it with a definite reality.

  1. Self-Faith Promotes Optimism

They say that we create our own truth, and to believe we can is what makes us can. If we always have self-doubt, we are wasting time which could have been moments of success. People are anxious about the idea that they can fail, but what difference does it make to think of failure when it hasn’t happened? What if you succeed?

  1. Self-Faith Unlocks Capabilities

How can we make something possible? We can start by creating a vision in our head. If we believe in ourselves to succeed, then it is more likely to happen. It is like learning to play the piano. It would help if you first want to learn, then believe you can learn before you can actually learn.

“In a good relationship, as we build trust, it becomes easier to understand and be understood. In a similar way, by listening for our enthusiasm and responding to it we build a kind of rapport with ourselves,” says Christa Smith Psy.D.

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There is only one person who can either lead us to success or drag us to failure, and that’s none other than ourselves. We need to set our mind to want and aim for our goal rather than letting distractions and self-doubt hinder us. A daily dose of faith reconnects us to our objective especially in this world full of things that can make us question ourselves.