Couples Therapy (Recommended Even For New Couples!)


Couples therapy is now the foreseen solution for marital problems. It is now being used as an intervention tool not only by regular people but celebrities and personalities as well. Even Kristen Bell, the star of the movie “Frozen” is also into couples’ therapy with her husband. That’s because they don’t want to develop mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and more.

“Often, the idea of seeing a marriage or couples therapist sits on the back burner, with one or both parties thinking that it may be a good idea, but also feeling unsure of how to proceed — and of whether their specific problems can really be helped,” says Andrea Bonior Ph.D.

Going through couples therapy is not considered a stigma anymore as more and more couples are now surrendering to this kind of therapy. It is now a fact that couples, especially those who are in a long term relationship, at some point in their lives would go through rough times. And sometimes the problem becomes unbearable that they can’t resolve it themselves. In the end, they end up seeking couples therapy services.  It was found out that it has a very positive effect on the couple’s situation.

This kind of therapy is mostly recommended for couples who are having trouble in their relationship. This is open to those who have been into a long term relationship and is not available for those who have been together for a few months.

But when I learned that Bell pointed out that going to couples therapy is their secret for happy marriage life, I then became curious. The moment they started going out, they immediately started going through couples’ therapy.

“Throughout the therapeutic process, the therapist attempts to help both partners see the relationship in a more objective manner,” says Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

According to Dax Shepard, Bell’s husband when they first got into therapy it didn’t work out that well first that is why they opted to see different therapists. As for Bell, the therapy helped them with having more options on how to settle a dispute and regain peace in their relationship right after.


With this information, more and more couples are now going through the said therapy not to fix their relationship but to fully understand it and prevent it from falling apart. Today, couples therapy clients are mostly young, and they are more on the preventative therapy.

Because of this trend, couples become more aware and sensitive to their relationship. And with the beauty of the relationship they have just discovered, they would want to make their relationship last for a long time.

This therapy has helped couples prevent from getting into deep trouble and instead helped them avoid experiencing it. They also make sure that the problem will never surface nor it is implanted in their relationship. Such a trend may be growing and spreading faster, but there are some who are skeptical about it.

Some not yet married couples perceived that couple’s therapy is just available for married couples. And that what is being discussed there is not relevant to their current situation. Some were intimidated at the first session that they decided not to continue with the services. However, some claimed that even it was just one session, it had helped them communicate with the other person. Some people agree to go through therapy because of previous experiences. They are already familiar with the system and are aware of its benefits. That is why they agreed to get into therapy.

A therapist pointed out that most couples seek therapy when the situation is that worse already. There are even some who would only go to therapy sessions if everything is falling apart already. As if therapy is their last straw of saving their relationship. However, there is a significant number of couples who come in at the early stage of their problem which is good for early resolution.

“Each session should give you some relief from negative feelings, a new insight about why you have been doing what you do or feeling what you feel, an upgraded skill, or a win-win solution to a troubling concern,” according to Susan Heitler Ph.D.

For those who are in a relationship for just a few months, it is not bad if you seek therapy at this stage. It will be of help in making your relationship grow deeper and strong. It will give you a perspective of what is it like to be in a relationship or what to expect ahead. There’s nothing wrong in anticipating things for it will give you a perspective on what to do if something happens along the way.


Every relationship has issues. A relationship is composed of two different people coming from different backgrounds. Definitely, there will be conflict. And preparing for it or against adversities is not a trouble at all. It will be of help in protecting each couples’ selves and have an excellent relationship.

Some couples highly recommend couples therapy even you are in a not alarming situation, or if it is still that early. Therapy helped them listen to each other and sort through their differences. Compromise and accept each other.

Therapy helped them to communicate with each other, understand one another effectively. It also made them realize the important factors which every couple should consider.

So, if you are quite unsure with your relationship or would want your relationship to last for a long time, weigh your options then. You go for it, or you go for it with the guidance of therapy.