Common Family Issues During This Pandemic

There are times that we know our families are the ones we want to be around. It is where we feel safe and loved. In a pandemic situation that we are dealing with, they are the ones we can hold onto. However, sometimes our family can give us an opposite feeling of comfort. There are instances that even if we are with them, we still feel alone, different, and in danger. In this time of the global health crisis, let us debunk some of the family toxicities that happen unnoticeably inside some of our homes.


There’s A Chance Of Disrespect To Boundaries

All of us can love our families. However, there are instances that sometimes the small annoying things they do are what get us into our nerves. During this pandemic, it seems like they feel too attached to you that they forget to respect boundaries. Some feel they are entitled to just barge into your room just because they do not have anything to do during the lockdown. In some cases, your parent and siblings just won’t leave you alone and often get upset when you spend most of your time with your device. Of course, there is no such thing as “get out of my life.” Most times, when you want to feel alone for a while and just relax your thoughts a little bit, your family always comes up with a thing that inevitably annoys you.


There Are Little To No Meaningful Conversations

Our family is supposed to help strengthen our communication skills. However, most units during this pandemic situation forget about the importance of having a good conversation. Honestly, if you try to ask people what are their usual daily routine, you might get shocked to find out that most families do not share a meaningful discussion even for five minutes. They get accustomed to the idea that each member of the unit should find a way to manage this situation independently. Therefore, it becomes none of your parents or siblings’ businesses to talk to you, not unless they can benefit something out of the topic.


Family Situations Induce Mental Torture

One thing that all of us can hate about family toxicity during this lockdown situation is when we get caught up in the middle of a fight. That sometimes, even if it is not our fault, we end up apologizing because it kinds of feels like it is. When our parents argue about something, we feel frustrated and want to isolate ourselves even more, and that is not healthy at all. Being stuck with our parents and siblings who make fighting as a hobby is no different in living alone. There’s the buildup of antagonizing stress that makes us wish we could go outside and spend the rest of our time with friends and colleagues. The constant disagreements and unpleasant arguing somehow weakens our ability to appreciate being surrounded by the ones we love.


Your Family’s Problems Become Yours

As much as you want to stay mentally and emotionally focused so that you can survive this pandemic, your family somehow affects you at all costs. Their problems instantly become yours, and there is nothing you can do about it. At some point, it takes over your whole life because you can never make decisions anymore. In some instances, your opinion somehow doesn’t matter. If your parents are on the verge of breaking down, you also end up going down with them. And when your siblings find it hard to move on, you find yourself picking them up even if that means there is no one to pick you after.