Being A Single Parent Makes You Stronger


It is ideal that a child has both parents growing up. The role of the father and mother are both equally vital to the wellbeing of a child. Fathers provide strength and courage while mothers give love and tenderness. Unfortunately, not all families have both. Some have a father but don’t have a mother and vice versa. Many instances may result in this kind of situation like the death of one parent, abandonment, or other more complicated reasons like the father not knowing that he has a child.

Being a single parent is not new to society anymore. According to Susan Newman Ph.D., “Some women are single parents through divorce or separation or unplanned pregnancies, but a growing number choose to have and a raise babies on their own.” It is becoming more common nowadays, and parents and children who are in this kind of situation are doing just all right. In fact, being a single parent can make one stronger when handled with positivity. Why is it so?


Reasons Why Being A Single Parent Can Make You Stronger:

  • You Don’t Rely On Anyone But Yourself.


Raising a child is not an easy task, and if you have been doing this for a long while now and with not just one child but more, hey! You deserve all the credits in the world. Know that it is okay to feel inadequate at times, but you are doing a tremendous job. Bella DePaulo, Ph.D., points out that “research indicates that kids fare better academically and socially in a single-parent home than in a two-parent home where there is a lot of conflict.”

When you are a single parent, you act as both the father and the mother. At first, you may struggle, but parents have the nature to adapt to any situation when it comes to the kids. It doesn’t matter how hard as long as it is for the wellness of the children. That’s why being a single parent is an intensive practice to be self-reliant. You have nothing but yourself, and you will learn everything on your own, even the things you thought you couldn’t do.


  • You Have A Solid Bond With Your Children.

Ron Breazeale Ph.D. points out that “Single parents and their children often develop closer relationships because they are forced to depend upon each other more.” Raising a child alone means having more time to know him and vice versa. The bond between you two is indestructible because it’s like “You and me against the world.” You both go through the stressful situations of looking for help from another parent but has no other choice but to be strong.

When your child grows up, he will always have your experiences together in his mind, and he will tend to have more will and perseverance. He may be selective of his partner in life because he will always think of you and the sacrifices you made for him.


  • You Become Wiser About Life Decisions.


Being a single parent may mean you have learned from countless trial and error decisions. It doesn’t matter how many times you failed because all these failures make you stronger and wiser each time. It may be hard because you don’t have anyone to consult a decision with, and you don’t have anyone to share the blame when it doesn’t go right. It may all be hard to take in, but the experience is the best teacher when it comes to teaching lessons in life. It makes you stronger and wiser, and you may say “been there, done that,” so you will have more confidence in what and what not to do.

Raising a child can test a person. It may affect one’s wellbeing because it requires double of everything, and it may even need you to be one that you are not. These are all stressful, but the will of a parent to ascertain the wellness of his children is immeasurable, and these things are possible. The experiences will make one stronger and smarter, and as the saying goes, “There is no wine if grapes are not pressed.”