5 Ways Online Counseling Can Help Introverts Reach Success

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Today, most people rant on social media. They share everything that’s happening in their lives. Well, not everyone at least. There are those who prefer privacy. They think of their life as something personal, and as much as possible, they are discreet when it comes to things that should not be of interest to others. “Introversion is a personality trait characterized by a focus on internal feelings rather than on external sources of stimulation,” says Kendra Cherry, MS.

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Introverts or people with shy and quiet personalities don’t often get to be the leader. They prefer to observe and follow on the side. But what if an introvert wants to be a CEO, a performer, or a politician? Would he be successful even though he may have difficulty developing the skills needed to deal with other people? What are the ways that can help him achieve his goal of becoming Mr. Popularity? Online counseling can provide a big help to an introverted person. “You must work with a therapist to change the way you think, feel, and act. It requires education, understanding, and participation,” says Madhukar Trivedi, MD.


How Can Online Counseling Be Beneficial To Introverts?


  1. Online Counseling is very convenient for a person who prefers privacy. He doesn’t need to go to a physical office to be able to attend the session. Sometimes, seeing a counselor can also cause intimidation. There are also instances when the patient is distracted by a lot of factors such as the environment, the ambiance, or even the counselor’s physical appearance. An introvert is comfortable to speak about personal issues online. He doesn’t have to worry about how he would open up to a stranger, so there is less hesitation to complete the program.


  1. Online counseling lets a person focus on his issues rather than think about anything else. The patient plans about what he wants to address in advance. He won’t hesitate to take notes about the things he wishes to bring up. There is less concern about etiquette when speaking personally. All there is to do is to say “Hi’ and “Thank you, and goodbye.” No need to worry about physical gestures.


  1. Online counseling gives comfort, especially for an introvert. “These services can help you flesh out thoughts and concerns you might have before seeking therapy, and many sites will match you with listeners who are a good fit for you,” says Kathleen Smith, PhD, LPC. A patient can sit comfortably in his thinking chair (the chair you sit on when you need to think deeply before making important decisions). He doesn’t have to think about what clothes to wear or if he has taken a shower or whatnot. There are fewer reasons not to attend a session.


  1. Online counseling is beneficial to introverts because they have a few close friends. Not all the time everyone is there to listen to their issues. So they need someone to be there regularly to help them sort out their troubles or challenges in life.


  1. Online counseling fits an introvert’s personality. A shy or quiet person gets exhausted in interacting with people all the time, not to mention the travel to and from the office. He only has to have a device that lets him access the internet, and he doesn’t need to worry about having to pass by a lot of people at all.

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Success is something we all pursue. We may have different paths and ways to achieve it, but for sure, we all need some help in getting there. Introverts have a chance of succeeding leadership roles regardless of their personality. It’s all about accepting weakness and knowing how to turn it into strength. Being an introvert is never a bad thing. It just means a different path and challenge towards success.