Realizations From 2014 Oakland Blogging Symposium



I realized that there is still a lot to learn about blogging when I attended the 2014 Oakland Blogging Symposium. I’d be delighted to share with you some of my realizations while attending the sessions.

Blogging Takes Serious Effort

Successful blogs took years of hard work before they became what they are now. Dedication is the key to any successful endeavor. I realized that seasoned bloggers started as a novice like all of us. What differentiated them from the rest was their zest to continue improving their skills. Another factor is that they listened to what people want to read. In a fast-paced world, not everyone has the time to read leisurely. Seasoned bloggers studied how to hook people using their words.

Write Using Your Heart



Blogging can be a form of release for people. Way back, writers use blogging to publish their feelings about a particular topic or to chronicle their daily activities. I’ve realized that it’s better if blogging remains that way.

I have observed recent developments in cyberspace where businesspeople have been using blogs as a form of a marketing tool to make more noise for their businesses. While it is useful primarily to make noise for deserving small businesses, bloggers should remain true to their calling. Bloggers should write using their hearts.

When you are writing on topics that are close to your heart, you will bring many fruitful insights that your readers will appreciate. Eventually, you will develop your niche in that particular topic, and your readers will highly regard you. Furthermore, your readers know whether your writing from the heart or just for business. Thus, the sincerer you are in writing your heart out, the more readers you’ll have in the long run. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Ultimately, my visit to the 2014 Oakland Blogging Symposium is a success. I realized a lot of things that will prove useful in further developing my blog.

Bullied Kids: How To Help Them Heal


Childhood is the most vulnerable stage in development. If a child tends to be shy, keeps to himself, is notably smaller in size compared to their friends, or exhibit traits that fall to the autistic spectrum, it increases the vulnerability of becoming a target by aggressive children. A bullying incident may affect a child’s vulnerable mental health. In the long run, it will risk with him or her falling into depression and obviously, lacking self-esteem. Parents, family, and teachers should be aware that despite the isolated case of bullying, a child may carry this pain as he or she grows up.

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